About Sustainable Fitness

Sustainable: Able to be maintained or continued

Today there are a great many diet and exercise programs out there that claim to get amazing results . . . in a short time . . . with little effort on your part. To be fair, some of them might actually “work” in the short run, helping you to lose weight or get stronger. In the end though, they capitalize on your impatience. In exchange for some of your hard-earned money, they provide the quick and easy results you think you want, without ever actually changing the very things that will enable you to sustain those improvements. This is why so many people are trapped in the yo-yo dieting cycle and have a closet filled with unused exercise equipment. I will help you develop the mindset and habits that will enable you to adapt to, and overcome, whatever life throws at you. One year after you begin working with me, I want you to be able to say that you are more fit than when you started.

Fitness: The quality of being suitable to perform a particular task

For each person the “particular task” varies. Perhaps you want to be a better parent, spouse, employee, boss, teammate, or athlete. Being “suitable” to perform each of these tasks begins with a minimum level of good health. Once the body is free from illness and pain, we will begin to add layers of fitness, each one gradually making you stronger, more energetic, and more confident. I believe life is about more than just surviving. It is about thriving. I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of life insurance. Well, I want you to think of Sustainable Fitness as quality of life insurance.

In short, achieving Sustainable Fitness means being able to do the things that matter to you. As those things change throughout your life, you will be able to quickly evolve and master each one in turn.

You will monitor the main health numbers and know how to respond when they are not where they should be.

You will provide your body with high quality nutrients in order to avoid lifestyle-related illness, cognitive decline, auto-immune disorders, and digestive problems.

You will move well so you are neither burdened with pain nor limited by movement dysfunction. 

You will feel better, look better, and do better.