Sustainable Fitness Coaching

I am a Sustainable Fitness Coach. This is more than a catchy title. In fact I chose that title very carefully. Let me explain:

Coach: An ​expert who ​trains someone ​learning or ​improving a ​skill

My goal is to teach clients the “skills” they need to live a healthier, happier life. By gradually integrating the Habits of Sustainable Fitness into your life, you will become better at the fundamentals of both nutrition and exercise. Sustainable Fitness is not focused on short-term gains or quick fixes. It is an incremental approach of learning and improving each and every day.  Coaching is more than simply creating diet and exercise programs and insisting on proper form (although those are important). As your coach I will be there to guide you, answer your questions, and support and motivate you as you develop these habits.  

I am a Sustainable Fitness Coach. If you are interested in losing 15 pounds so you can look amazing in a bridesmaid dress in 3 months, I am not the right coach for you. There is nothing wrong with short-term weight loss or body composition goals. And there are plenty of coaches who will help you achieve that sort of goal. On the other hand, if you are ready to commit yourself to patiently learning and improving, then I might just be the right coach for you. Let’s talk and figure out how we can work together to build your Habits of Sustainable Fitness.

All of my life’s experiences have lead me to this place where I now combine my analytical mind and technological skills with my passion for sustainable fitness. I do this by providing a coaching service that uses a specialized coaching framework. Then I deliver my coaching service via online applications and mobile devices so I can reach clients nearly anywhere in the world. As a bonus, it means I can also coach from nearly anywhere in the world.

Sustainable Fitness Coaching Framework

I like to figure out how things work

I ask “Why?” .  . . a lot

I take complex things and simplify them

I build things

I make data-driven decisions 

As you will see, my Sustainable Fitness Coaching Framework is perfectly designed to utilize my unique personal attributes to get repeatable great results for my clients:

  1. Listen to what the client wants to accomplish
  2. Discover what is REALLY important [I ask “why” . . . a lot]
  3. Learn how they live right now [I like to figure out how things work]
  4. Establish a baseline of health, body composition, and performance [I make data-driven decisions]
Work Together to Create a Personalized Approach [I build things]
  1. Set SMART outcome and process goals
  2. Use Limiting Factor Approach [I take complex things and simplify them]
    • Attack the biggest limiting factor first
    • Custom, not one-size-fits-all
    • Incremental, not Mission Impossible
Observe, Measure, and Adjust  [I make data-driven decisions]
    1. Limited (Short-term) use of food and exercise trackers
    2. Periodic measurements without obsessing
    3. Adjust one thing at a time and ONLY when progress stalls

Online Coaching

My on-line coaching site